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Question: I’m trying to find out if there are any organized groups that aim to reform the family court system – either national or California organizations. If you know of any, please let me know. Thank you.

Answer: Family Law Reform Series 1 Video 2
Lack Of Consesus By Any Of The Different Organizations Around The Country Seeking To Reform The Family Law Court System Are Hampering The Ability To Be Heard As One – 86k

Family Law Reform Blog
Dissolution” is “arguably the most sweeping proposal for family law reform … Organization of Women. ΒΆ 11:10 AM. Statement on New York Divorce Reform … – 58k – Cached

Family Law Education Reform Project
The Family Law Education Reform Project is co-sponsored by the Association of … Resolution Organizations and the American Bar Association Section of Family Law. …http;// – Cached

Family Law Education Reform Project
Family Law Education Reform Project. Initial Draft of Findings and Recommendations … between economists and law professors teaching business organizations. … – 57k – Cached

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  1. xavi

    Yes there are so many organizations. These laws are being updated according to public demand.